Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting Our Priorities Straight

Ratzinger is right about this.  It is in worship that we work on our relation with God, and that only can provide the foundation for moral action or loving our neighbor. This is because true worship is a gratuitous act: It is not done with any hope of gain. 

"Worship, that is the right kind of cult [i.e., liturgy], of relationship with God, is essential for the right kind of human existence in the world.  It is so precisely because it reaches beyond everyday life.  Worship gives us a share in heaven's mode of existence, in the world of God, and allows light to fall from that divine world into ours.  In this sense worship...has the character of anticipation.  It lays hold of our more perfect life and, in so doing, gives our present life its proper measure.  A life without such anticipation, a life no longer opened up to heaven, would be an empty, a leaden life.  That is why there are no societies altogether lacking in cult.  Even the decidedly atheistic, materialistic systems create their own forms of cult, though, of course, they can only be an illusion and strive in vain, by bombastic trumpeting, to conceal their nothingness."
— Joseph Ratzinger, The Spirit of the Liturgy, p. 21

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