Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shrove Tuesday Penitence

Today is Shrove Tuesday.  Shrove is from the verb "shrive" (shrive, shrove, shriven) to forgive or grant absolution (also to hear confession, or to prescribe penance).  So, one way of glossing this might be to say "Forgiveness Tuesday".  This day was traditionally set aside for going to confession before undertaking penance for one's sins during Lent.

There is a custom in the Byzantine Church on the Vespers the Sunday night before Clean Monday (which commences their Lent) of going around the Church and prostrating before everyone individually and asking forgiveness for one’s sins of the last year.  I think this is a most godly custom.

While I cannot physically prostrate myself before each of my friends and contacts on line, nonetheless I can do so in spirit.  This I do, and ask your forgiveness for any way in which I have sinned or offended you in the past year, and (especially since this is an on line post) I should like particularly to do so if I have sinned in anything I have posted on line.

I wish you all an Holy Lent,
Michael LaRue+

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