Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Angels, Ghosts, Good and Bad Spirits

I have a great deal of sympathy with Cole Sear, one of the lead characters in Sixth Sense. I certainly don't claim to me a medium, and would view with suspicion anyone who made such a claim, but I have been having run-ins with ghosts and spirits since childhood. I have since a young age known what they were, and have had no problem distinguishing them from the tangible living.

Ghosts can be very frightening, and sometimes used to really upset me. I learned many years ago that the best thing to do is to pray for the dead I encounter, which certainly resolves any fear or upset I have, and also tends to calm the ghosts. As for other spirits, well they are not all good, and whether a particular one is can be hard to say sometimes. I talked to my pastoral theology professor, Fr. Caldwell, many many times time all about this, and he gave me the best piece of advice that I have ever had. When confronted by a spirit, make the sign of the cross, look to God and say "Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth.", then look to the spirit and say "What do you have to say to me, Sir?" That puts the bad spirits in rather a bind, as they are by nature God's servants, and cannot help but be so, even if they do not want to. Also, he taught me that it was important to treat them all with respect, as God's creatures, hence the "sir". With a really threatening spirit the St. Michael's prayer always helps. Could all of this be explained psychologically? I suspect most of it could, as could the benefits of the approaches I outline above. Certainly there is a psychological component to it. 

Do I think that I am special in this? No. I suspect stuff like this happens to many people, although they (1) may not recognize it, or (2) work hard to avoid it. In any case I do not recommend inviting such experiences, such as holding seances. Inviting it is very dangerous! But if such experiences happen, neither should you freak out. And don't omit to pray for your departed loved ones and the departed in the place where you are.

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