Wednesday, July 26, 2017



Might it gives, marvels effects:
Fleetness o'er earth, and flight of birds;
Reckons millions, and reveals secrets,
Lightens the sunless, and lessens pain,
Feeds in plenty, and fancies dress,
Makes heard music over many miles,
and paints pictures through the pathless void.

It deceives the sight, and darkens minds,
Arouses men's desire, and increases thirst,
bends men's wills, and breaks their resolves;
Frenzies folk, and frightens foes;
kills without care, and creates carnage,
sears the foes, and makes cinders of cities,
It promises power, and power it gives :
It promises pleasure, and pleasure it gives,
And awakens desire, and adds to lust,
And fills while it empties, and so frustrates fullness.

It poisons its practitioners, and perverts passion,
Devours their souls, and decays sense.
Cuts off love, and kills compassion,
It rouses wrath, and requires innocent blood.
Power demands sacrifice, as the price of power.

It poisons the places where its practitioners dwell.
It fouls the air; and fumes the firmament,
It darkens the sun, and it dims the stars;
It poisons the water, and it pollutes the earth.

The Sorcerer drowns hope, and he devours life,
He lusts in despair, and he leaves death.

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